Fourth International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs

After submitting my audition recordings, I was invited to the 2004 amateur competition, and it was as much fun as the prior two that I attended. With an important deadline like this, I have learned some new (and old) pieces to new levels that amaze me. In a way I have really won: I am honored to be invited to the competition where I was surrounded by much more accomplished pianists. As a result of all of the preparation, I play the piano much better than I ever have before. I heard a lot of fantastic piano performances. And, I had fun with all of the wonderful people there. I must also mention that this year's competition was the best organized yet, with even better sessions and activities for us to participate in. Thank you all at the Cliburn Foundation and thanks to the many volunteers that made the event possible.

I took many candid pictures with my digital camera. Thanks to a large amount of work on the part of juror Victoria Bragin, competition coordinator Amy Brown and others who have sent me notes, most of the pictures now have captions. If you see any corrections or can suggest captions, or have links to articles about the competition, please email those to me at . Here are the links to the pictures:

You can see the pictures from the prior competitions by clicking the corresponding links here.

If you want to, you can hear my first round pieces here. These were recorded at my home before the competition.

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