Are politicians murderers? Are we any smarter than bacteria?
Are politicians, who are not interested in immediately and aggressively working on reversing climate change, responsible for killing billions of people in the future?

Where is the Universe?
Are you unsatisfied with how people explain the existence or creation of the Universe? Where is the place that permitted a Universe like ours to exist? Video talk here. Read a logical explanation without invoking the supernatural:

Are solar panels economical?
Calculator to find out how long it takes for solar panels to pay for themselves:

The World Economy and the Great Hidden Theft
Is it too late to save humanity and the Earth?

Interested in audio electronics nostalgia?
Here is some rare technical information about some of the very first 100 watt per channel transistorized stereo power amplifiers made my Mattes-Martin back in the 1960's. Models include the SSP-200, SSA-200 with brochures, schematics and other info here:

A 1955 issue of "Practical Electronics" #271 from Fawcett (106,428,631 bytes)

A 1956 printing of "A Dictionary of Electronic Terms" from Allied Radio. (72,646,199 bytes)

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